Which Tile is the Best Option for Indoor Floors?

Which Tile is the Best Option for Indoor Floors?


If you’re planning to install a new tile floor in your home, you’re likely wondering: Ceramic or porcelain tile? Or maybe you’d prefer the look of a natural stone floor, such as travertine, marble, or sandstone. Whether you choose ceramic or porcelain tile depends on your taste and budget. Read on to learn more about these options. Choosing the right option from tiles company in Dubai is crucial, so research the pros and cons of each.

Ceramic or porcelain tile:

Regarding tile flooring for indoor floors, there are several different types you can choose from. Porcelain tiles are more durable and resistant to water than ceramic tiles. While they are slightly heavier than ceramic tile, they are far more durable than wood. Porcelain tiles are also ideal for high-traffic areas because of their low porosity. Porcelain is also more expensive than ceramic tile, so you should be able to find a great deal on this material.

Sandstone tile:

When it comes to tile, sandstone is the most natural choice. Because it is mined from the earth, sandstone is a unique material that adds a natural touch to your indoor floors. It also features the natural beauty of movement and uniqueness that is hard to replicate. Because sandstone is a stone, it’s very hard, though it doesn’t have the hardness of slate or granite. Nonetheless, sandstone tile is extremely durable and can last for decades, provided you maintain it properly.

Marble tile:

If considering upgrading your indoor flooring, you should go for Marble tile. This natural stone can enhance your home’s decor while adding a sense of luxury. You can order samples from your local flooring store to get a taste of the marble tile. When choosing marble tiles for your floors, you should remember to choose the right cut. This way, you’ll be sure that the tiles will look identical, giving your home a more refined feel.

Nexus Vinyl tile:

While many people think of wood when they want to upgrade their floor, you might wonder if this material is the right choice for your home. The answer is yes! Compared to traditional hardwood flooring, vinyl tiles have very low maintenance requirements and can last for decades. Investing in a tile set is a good way to enjoy a new floor without breaking the bank. A vinyl tile set can rival the best budget hardwood or carpet alternatives if you are on a budget.